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ICC Note: This news could indicate a new phase of relations between the growing Christian church in China and the Chinese Government.  ICC will be watching carefully for further developments.  Please pray for all parties involved in the talks. 

By BTJ staff

06/17/2015 China (Back to Jerusalem)

Things might be changing for the house church in China after today’s closed door meeting. It is no secret that the number of Christians in China today is on the rise with the majority of them coming from the underground house church.

There are estimates that the church in China is growing by as much as one million believers per month. The number of members for China’s Communist Party is not growing as fast and in fact, the number of Christians in China might have already surpassed it.

For years the underground house church has refused to register with the government’s official Three-self church. They have seen the level of control imposed on the official church and have decided that it is just not possible to submit to those control measures. Pastors would be restricted to jurisdiction, baptisms would be regulated, training for leadership would need government approval, training would need to be government sanctioned, etc.

However, Chinese President Xi Jinping personally wrote a letter to the leadership of the underground house church and has invited them to come and share their challenges to the top government officials in China this week.

Attending the meetings are several pastors from Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Pastor Zhang Rongliang of Fengcheng church, Pastor Shen of Tanghe, Pastor Chen of Truth, Pastor Enguan, and the leadership of Mongfu – or Blessings church.

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