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ICC Note: Although the cause has not been officially confirmed, residents believe the arson of this Christian church in Indonesia was the work of a local separatist movement.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in the blaze.  Pray that the church will rise from this setback to have even stronger influence in the community.

By Roberth Isidorus


06/16/2015 Indonesia (Jakarta Globe)

An evangelical church in Yambi, in Papua’s Puncak Jaya district, was burned down by group of unknown attackers on Monday.

The local military commander, Lt. Col. Bayu Sudarmanto, confirmed the incident.

Residents heard gunshots and then saw smoke coming from the GIDI church building, after which they tried to extinguish the flames, Bayu said.

The building was destroyed in the flames, but nobody was hurt.

Police are investigating, the military commander said, adding that residents believed a local group to be behind the arson attack.

“This is the first time a church is burned down in the Central Mountains [of Papua],” said Dainus Game, GIDI chairman in Puncak Jaya. “It is a sad development for everybody, big and small, that this house of God could be burned down.”

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