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ICC Note: Just days after Kenyan security officials foiled an al-Shabaab attack on Lamu County, Kenyan media are reporting how the military was able to stop the assault. The attack sought to disrupt ceremonies commemorating the anniversary and victims of the June and July 2014 attacks on Mpeketoni and Hindi where  al-Shabaab raided towns in eastern Kenya targeting Christians, burning villages, murdering men and leaving their wives and children to pick up the pieces.  The Kenyan Defense force killed 11 al-Shabaab fighters and said they had been tracking the operatives for more than four months. ICC is working to assist victims of the Hindi attack to rebuild their homes and plant new crops.

6/16/15 Kenya (AllAfrica) – Kenyan Military Intelligence had tracked the al Shabaab militiamen killed on Sunday morning for over four months, after finding out that they had sneaked back into the country, the Star has established.

The Star exclusively reported on May 29, 2015, that Luqman Osman Issa and his gang of terrorists had sneaked into Kenya and were planning attacks.

Intelligence reports indicate that Issa, aka Shiriwa, was the leader of a gang that sneaked into the country sometime in February and had been hiding with his group in Boni Forest as they prepared for a Mpeketoni-like attack. The revelation comes as four suspected al Shabaab fighters who escaped from the Sunday morning incident were shot and killed in Boni Forest on Sunday afternoon, shortly after 12 others had been killed.

Issa is reported to have been the leader of the June 2014 Mpeketoni attack and a brother of another terror suspect implicated in the 2002 Kikambala attack and currently serving a sentence in Sudan. Another of the suspects killed in the Sunday morning attack on a military base is suspected to be British-born Thomas Evans, aka Abdul Hakim.

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