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ICC Note: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has reportedly left South Africa against a High Court ruled that he remain in the country until his arrest application was completed.  Al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for various war crimes, stemming from government killings in Darfur, and area where Christians predominate.  Al-Bashir is intent on Arabizing and Islamizing the country, and black Christians are often targeted by the government, including the two South Sudanese pastors facing the death penalty for their faith with their trial set to resume today in Khartoum.  By allowing Bashir to leave, South Africa has violated international law, according to experts.

6/15/15 South Africa (BBC) – Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted for war crimes, has left South Africa, pre-empting a court ruling over an international warrant for his arrest.

The Pretoria High Court was due to decide whether he should be handed over to the International Criminal Court which charged him with the crimes.

Mr Bashir was in Johannesburg for an African Union (AU) summit.

A news conference will be held in Sudan’s capital upon his arrival.

On Sunday, a judge barred Mr Bashir from leaving until the arrest application had been considered.

Mr Bashir is accused of committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide during the Darfur conflict.

The UN says that about 300,000 people in Sudan have died and more than two million have fled their homes since fighting began in 2003.

Government forces and allied Arab militias are accused of targeting black African civilians in the fight against the rebels.


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