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ICC Note: Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab has announced plans to attack Christians and other “non-believers” in Kenya at the start of Ramadan next week.  A member of al-Shabaab has explicitly stated that the group’s intentions are to bring Jihad to the “non-believers” in Kenya.  Kenya, which has already closed schools, due to fears of attacks, now faces another potential threat from the Somali militants.  Al-Shabaab was responsible for the attack on Garissa University College on April 2 that killed 148 people, mostly Christians.

6/12/15 Kenya (All Africa) – Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab is planning to attack neighbouring Kenya during the Muslim holy months of Ramadan, which begins June 17, the Islamist militants said on Thursday.

“We are planning to give Kenyan non-believers a true taste of Jihad [the holy war] in the next few days and weeks,” a senior al-Shabaab commander told dpa on condition of anonymity.

Attacks were mainly planned in Kenya’s north-eastern province that borders Somalia, he said. The group claims it already infiltrated the region.


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