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ICC Note: Though the metaphorical sun is shining on Egyptian Christians right now, there is no telling what the future holds. Many threats loom for the Coptic community in Egypt. Conditions are better under President al-Sisi, but the nation has a delicate balance due to its recent history.  

06/12/2015 Egypt (Mission Network News): Tension appears to be rising in Egypt under President al-Sisi’s heavy-handed leadership.

In the past 10 days:

  • Between 12 and 55 people have been arrested and detained leading up to yesterday’s peaceful protest.
  • A Cairo court sentenced 11 men to death for their involvement in one of the world’s worst soccer riots.
  • U.S. leadership acknowledged Sisi’s repression in a May report to Congress released publicly last week. However, leaders admitted, Egypt was too important as a Middle East ally to stop sending it U.S. aid.
  • Despite Sisi’s crackdown on elements of radical Islam — especially the Muslim Brotherhood — militants have expanded their attacks to include Egyptian tourist sites, a huge component of the country’s economy.

What does all of it mean for Egyptian Christians? International Needs USA President Rody Rodeheaver says believers are relatively safe — for now.

“They trust the military far more than they trusted Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood,” he explains.

“But, you also have to realize that this is a country that never was a democracy. He [Sisi] will rule with a bit of an iron hand to keep control. The vote is out on which way this will go.”

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