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ICC Note: Eritrean Christians have to choose between living in a country with a repressive government that rounds up Christians, beats, rapes, and tortures them, or risk traveling through Libya to get to Europe where ISIS has abducted Christians and executed them. Both Eritrea and Libya contain unspeakable horrors that Christians face, and the United Nations (UN) says Eritrea’s human rights abuses are so bad that they are actually causing Christians and others to literally risk their necks to leave the country. ISIS has already murdered 21 Egyptian Coptics, 28 Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians, and have kidnapped another 88 Eritrean Christians this week passing through Libya.

6/11/15 Eritrea (RNS) Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa known for having the second-largest number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, after Syria, is committing serious religious freedom abuses, according to a U.N. investigation.

The religious abuses are among a host of widespread human rights violations that are forcing Eritrea’s citizens to undertake deadly voyages to Europe through North Africa, the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights said.

Islamic State militants who control parts of Libya have grabbed Christian migrants passing through the country and are posing the biggest danger to fleeing Eritreans.

Early this year, the militant group kidnapped and later killed 21 Egyptians and 28 Ethiopians.

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