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ICC Note: After the United Nations (UN) released a report detailing Eritrea’s horrendous human rights record, the Eritrean government has responded, calling the claims “vile slander.” The UN’s investigation into abuses spanned the course of a year and spoke of “shoot-to-kill” orders at Eritrea’s border, rape, torture, and intimidation used against political and religious dissidents. In Eritrea, Christians face the threat of all of these horrors because they are considered enemies of the state if they don’t worship in government approved Lutheran, Catholic, or Orthodox churches.

6/10/15 Eritrea (BBC) – Eritrea’s government has dismissed as a “vile slander” a UN report accusing it of human rights violations on a scale “seldom witnessed elsewhere”.

The report was part of a campaign to undermine a nation which valued human rights, it said.

The UN published the report after a year-long investigation.

It said the government may have committed crimes against humanity, including a shoot-to-kill policy on its borders.

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