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ICC Note: Blaming a religious or ethnic minority for some perceived wrong is often the first step toward discrimination, and sometimes violence, against that minority.  Here a leader of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party is blaming new Christian converts among the Chinese ethnic minority for their opposition to a long-held PAS goal to institute ‘hudud’, an Islamic criminal justice system.  Please #pray!

By Sheridan Mahavera

06/03/2015 Malaysia (The Malaysian Insider)

Newly converted Chinese Christians are to be blamed for the anti-hudud movement in society which is preventing PAS from implementing its Islamist agenda, said a leader from the party’s ulama wing.

Nik Zawawi Salleh, who is the wing’s deputy, said that a wave of Christian conversions among the Chinese increased opposition to the party’s Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code.

This opposition towards hudud, said Nik Zawawi, is not just from those in the DAP, but also from Chinese Christian leaders in Barisan Nasional component parties, MCA and Gerakan.

“When they become Christians, they are worried about Islamic principles being implemented in Malaysia. So they attack us so that Islamic principles cannot be implemented in Malaysia.

“They are different from Buddhists who have not attacked us,” said Nik Zawawi.

He added that the party’s syura council, a committee of its most senior scholars, is due to meet and decide over how the party is supposed to deal with this phenomenon.

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