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ICC Note: In yet another example of what is becoming a disturbing trend a number of Christian families have been driven out of their homes following violent protests against alleged insults to Islam made online. In this case a resident in a village in Beni Suef was accused of sharing cartoons online that were deemed offensive. A violent mob attacked a number of Christian homes, setting them and vehicles on fire, forcing a number of families to leave the village altogether.

05/31/2015 Egypt (Egypt Daily News) A village in Beni Suef has witnessed religious conflict over the past week, following the alleged insulting of Islam by a Coptic man on Facebook, allegations denied by the accused.

Ayman Youssef Tawfiq, from the village of Kafr Darwish in Al-Fashn, around 100km south of Cairo, was accused of posting cartoons that are offensive to the Prophet Mohamed online. In what followed, Coptic homes in the village were allegedly attacked with rocks and Molotov cocktails, leading to numerous fires in houses and the destruction of a car.

After days of conflict, meetings were held in the village, but the outcome was the forcible displacement of Youssef and four of his relatives’ families. Despite the meeting, a further 10 homes were reported by Coptic sources as having been burned in ongoing attacks.

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