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ICC Note: This report details a horrific abuse of authority by Chinese police officers.  ICC will follow developments in this case with interest — please pray.

Rachel Ritchie

05/28/2015 China (China Aid)

Police in China’s northeastern Liaoning beat a woman in her home yesterday for no apparent reason and videotaped the attack while her husband, with whom the Shenyang Domestic Security Protection Squad (DSPS) had arranged a meeting for the following day, was away from home.

The Shenyang DSPS contacted Pastor Wang Zhongliang yesterday to schedule a meeting for today to discuss an “instance of distributing religious flyers,” Wang said.

Later that day, while Wang was away on an unrelated errand, Shenyang police knocked on his door. Wang’s wife, Mrs. Li, at first refused to open the door because her ID had been confiscated the day before.

“Once I opened the door, two people barged into my home,” Li said. “I asked them if they had a warrant to search my home. I had only asked once when one of the officers started to beat me. I called for help, and he beat me even more. I told him I would record him with my phone. Then, he snatched my phone and beat me. The more I yelled for help, the more he beat me.

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