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Warning over Religious Believers in Chinese Communist Party Ranks

ICC Note: The Chinese Communist Party has long been concerned about its maintaining control of the general population in China, including control of religious beliefs.  A newsletter article from the CCP makes it clear that its members do not have religious freedom.  Pray for God’s continued movement among the Communist Party members in China!

By Xin Lin

05/25/2015 China (Radio Free Asia)

The ruling Chinese Communist Party has warned that any of its members who harbor religious beliefs or take part in religious activities could become the targets of its powerful disciplinary arm.

In an opinion article published at the weekend, the newsletter of the party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), said the problem of religious believers within party ranks is “attracting serious concern.”

According to the article, party members don’t enjoy any right to religious freedom, a right which many religious believers complain is routinely violated by officials across the country.

“Chinese citizens have the freedom of religious belief, but Communist Party members aren’t the same as regular citizens; they are fighters in the vanguard for a communist consciousness,” the paper said.

“They are firm Marxists, and also atheists.”

“That’s why it has been clearly stated in party rules that Communist Party members may not hold religious beliefs, nor must they take part in religious activities,” the article warned.

Beijing Protestant house church member Xu Yonghai said the article shows growing concern among party leaders that many in the rank and file of the party have quietly ceased to believe in communism, prompted by the political violence of the Mao era and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) crackdown that ended the 1989 pro-democracy movement.

“Since the Cultural Revolution [1966-1976] and June 4, 1989, a lot of people have lost their faith in communism,” Xu said.

“Many of them went on to find an authentic faith, and became Protestant Christians,” he said. “Back in the 1990s, a lot of people wanted to leave the party, but later on they found that they couldn’t.”

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