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ICC Note: Muslim Fulani herdsmen have reportedly murdered another 23 Christian farmers in central Nigeria. The assault occurred Sunday when unknown gunman attacked a Christian community in the Logo local government area of Benue state. Fulani Muslims continue to target Christians in the region and sadly, these kinds of mass murder events are far too common, While Boko Haram grabs most of the headlines for the persecution they are perpetrating in northern Nigeria, brothers and sisters in Nigeria’s middle-belt face regular attacks similar to this latest episode.

5/26/15 Lagos, Nigeria (AFP) – Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed at least 23 people in central Nigeria, the latest clash in a long-running battle with farming communities in the restive region, police said Tuesday.

“There was an attack by unknown gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen on three villages in Logo local government area, (Benue) state,” said police spokesman Austin Ezeani, referring to Saturday’s violence.

“As at yesterday, 23 people were (confirmed) killed,” he told AFP.

Benue is part of Nigeria’s so-called Middle Belt, where the mainly Christian south meets the predominately Muslim north.

The Fulani, who are mostly Muslim, have been blamed for waves of attacks on largely Christian agrarian groups, with tensions high over access to land and other basic rights.

Fulani groups have accused farmers in Benue of stealing their cattle.

Ezeani said the motive for the latest attack had not yet been established and that officers had been deployed to the targeted villages.

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