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ICC Note: Egyptian Christians are still seeking justice from 2011 when 27 Christians were killed when army vehicles drove through a protest. Despite investigations into the matter the case has not been resolved and it continues to mark the sense of vulnerability that Egypt’s Christians face.

05/23/2015 Egypt (Egypt Daily News) A report has been filed to the new Justice Minister, demanding the reopening of investigations into the case of the Maspero killings in 2011.

The move comes after the investigations judge assigned to the case stepped down.

Egypt’s Copts Coalition filed a report to newly-appointed minister Ahmed Al-Zind, demanding the referral of the case to the Urgent Matters Court, instead of assigning a new investigations judge to revisit the case.

On 9 October 2011, Egyptian military forces attacked Coptic protesters in front of Cairo’s Maspero state television building, killing 27 and injuring at least 300 more.

A fact-finding committee formed by the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) said army forces used excessive violence by running over protesters with APCs. This led to the deaths of 12, critically injuring five, after “unknown civilians” attacked the Coptic protesters and the army personnel.

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