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ICC Note:

Ten Christians accused of being involved in the lynching of two Muslim men following two church bombings have been released by a court in Pakistan. The court allowed these ten to be released on bail, but continues to hold many other Christian also accused of involvement in the lynching.

Mobs of Christians took to the streets following two church bombings in March. These mobs turned violent when two Muslim men, accused by the mob of being involved in the church bombings, were murdered. Following the riots, police raided Christians homes and neighborhoods arresting Christian men and boys in mass with little to no evidence. Please pray that justice is done in this case and that the innocent are released. 

5/20/2015 Pakistan (The Nation) – An anti-terrorism court on Saturday released ten persons on bail who were allegedly involved in lynching two men in Yohannabad.

The judge ordered the accused to deposit Rs. 100,000 as surety bond.

Their counsel appeared in the court and contended that police falsely implicated them in the case. The counsel said police relied upon video footages while the accused were not involved in the crime.

However, a law officer told the judge that the accused damaged public property and stopped the smooth functioning of Metro bus. He pleaded the judge not to grant them bail.

After hearing both sides, the judge granted bail to ten persons and directed them to furnish Rs. 100,000 as surety bond apiece.

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