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Horrific Details Emerge: Boko Haram Militants Raped Hundreds of Female Captives in Nigeria

ICC Note: As the hundreds of women and girls who were once captives of Boko Haram begin to tell their story, appalling details are emerging about the heinous treatment that they received. Hundreds of women report being raped repeatedly during their capture and speak of militants praying to Allah before raping them that the women would get pregnant. Some are testing positive for HIV and some tell of others being trained as suicide bombers. This has been the likely story for many of the Chibok girls and other Christians in the region.

By Adam Nossiter

5/19/15 Dalori, Nigeria (New York Times) – Hundreds of women and girls captured by Boko Haram have been raped, many repeatedly, in what officials and relief workers describe as a deliberate strategy to dominate rural residents and possibly even create a new generation of Islamist militants in Nigeria.

In interviews, the women described being locked in houses by the dozen, at the beck and call of fighters who forced them to have sex, sometimes with the specific goal of impregnating them.

“They married me,” said Hamsatu, 25, a young woman in a black-and-purple head scarf, looking down at the ground. She said she was four months pregnant, that the father was a Boko Haram member and that she had been forced to have sex with other militants who took control of her town.

“They chose the ones they wanted to marry,” added Hamsatu, whose full name was not used to protect her identity. “If anybody shouts, they said they would shoot them.”


Boko Haram, a radical Islamist sect that has taken over large stretches of territory in the country’s northeast, has long targeted women, rounding them up as it captures towns and villages. Women and girls have been given to Boko Haram fighters for “marriage,” a euphemism for the sexual violence that occurs even when unions are cloaked in religion.

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