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Bomb Explodes Near Church In Fayoum, Egypt

ICC Note: A church in Fayoum was the site of a bomb attack on Saturday, May 16. While no one was injured, the church was severely damaged from a bomb placed outside its walls. Attacks on churches have been common and the police presence across Egypt has been ineffective in stopping the attacks.

05/17/2015 Egypt (Watani) A bomb planted near the wall of Mar-Girgis (St George) church in the village of Tamiya in Fayoum, some 100km southwest Cairo, exploded Saturday 16 May, but caused no human casualties.

Father Raphael Samy of Mar-Girgis’s told Watani that the bomb exploded in the late afternoon, and resulted in shattering the glass windows of the church and its administrative offices. But since there were no services at the time, he said, there were no casualties. “We directly reported the matter to the police who came, combed the area for any more bombs but found none, and started their investigation.

“The cameras on the church wall displayed the culprits clearly since they were not masked,” he said. “It turned out that two men on a motorbike approached the church; one of them went down and placed a plastic bag near the wall then rode again and they went off.

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