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ICC Note: This is the latest of several Zhejiang provincial government actions which appear aimed to intimidate and control the growth of the Christian church in eastern China.  Pray for the safety of the persecuted believers there as they seek religious freedom and ‘peacefully resist’ authorities.  

By Rachel Ritchie

05/17/2015 China (China Aid)

China Aid learned that authorities ordered all churches in the Fuyang District of Hangzhou, the provincial capital of coastal Zhejiang, and the city of Lishui to remove the crosses from atop their church buildings today and yesterday.

Church leaders in both cities unanimously decided to peacefully resist the ordered demolitions and planned a city-wide prayer vigil for tomorrow.

“This major church-state conflict is caused purely by the Zhejiang Communist Party leadership with the consent and encouragement of the central government,” China Aid founder and President Bob Fu said. “Chinese government leaders should be held accountable if this order escalates to a violent clash. The only viable solution is to respect the Chinese citizens’ true religious freedom as enshrined in the Chinese constitution and in universal norms to which the Chinese government has openly committed.”

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