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Zhejiang: Hangzhou Church Forcibly Demolished

ICC Note:  The campaign against the Christian church in Zhejiang continues unabated.  Please pray for the strength and resolve of the Christians there, that they may be able to persevere, and even prosper, in the face of this blatant persecution.

By Rachel Ritchie

05/11/2015 China (China Aid)

Shendong Church in China’s coastal Zhejiang province was forcibly demolished on April 28 in continuation of the province-wide “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign.

Church members said authorities from the Xiaoshan District of the provincial capital Hangzhou claimed the land on which the church was built belonged to the government.

The church has previously submitted requests to the local religious affairs bureau and other government agencies, requesting that their location be approved and finalized but never received an answer.

The demolition occurred on the one-year anniversary of the demolition of Sanjiang Church, a mega-church in Zhejiang’s Wenzhou, which was one of the first major church demolitions in the persecution campaign.

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