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Muslim Members of Kenyan Parliament Join Kenyans in Churches to Remember Garissa

ICC Note: Kenyans are trying to move forward more than a month after the deadly Garissa attack April 2, united along religious and ethnic lines. Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho joined Muslim members of the Kenyan Parliament with Christians to remember the victims and multiple churches. urging worshipers not to allow religious differences to create divisions and violence. Joho said that Somali Muslim terror group al-Shabaab aims to foster such divisions and hides behind Islam in doing so.

By Patrick Beja

5/11/15 Mombasa, Kenya (The Standard) – Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and some Muslim MPs yesterday attended several church services in the coastal city to worship with Christians and promote tolerance and co-existence of Muslims and Christians.

The governor asked Christians to pray for peace and resist attempts to antagonize them with Muslims in the wake of terror threats.

“I urge Christians to pray for peace and stand up against terrorism. Do not accept to be divided along religious or tribal lines in a place which hosts some of the oldest mosques and churches, where religions have co-existed for many years,” Joho said.

Joho addressed Christians at Changamwe Catholic Church and Migadini Jesus Winning Soul Ministry in the company of Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi and Mombasa MP Mishi Mboko. Later, he went to St Joseph Catholic Church in Tudor, where he joined Mombasa Catholic archbishop Martin Kivuva.

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