Providing for Pastors in Aftermath | Persecution

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Providing for Pastors in Aftermath

In January, Christian pastors across Niger came under attack when mobs of Muslims targeted churches and Christian institutions for destruction in response to a depiction of the Prophet Mohammad in the Charlie Hebdo publication. Many pastors across Niger lost everything — their churches, homes and personal belongings. Through ICC’s Underground Pastors fund, ICC has already provided assistance to 10 pastors and their families who were affected by these riots. In an effort to meet their immediate needs, ICC provided these pastors with food, water and blankets. Pastor Remy and his family (below) were among the Christians that received aid from ICC. The family received rice, maize, beans and cooking oil in the immediate aftermath of the riots. “We feel an overflowing sense of joy and gratefulness for receiving all of these gifts,” Pastor Remy told ICC. “The help came at a period when we were in much need. We are truly thankful to ICC.”

ICC is on a mission to help persecuted Christians. Will you join us?