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ICC Note: While there has been hope that Egypt’s new government would curb the persecution of Christians coming from extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, persecution continues to affect Christians at an alarming rate. From mobs protesting a church construction to blasphemy convictions for a facebook post, Egypt’s Christians remain under severe threat.

05/07/2015 Egypt (Christian Daily) In Egypt, a surge of persecution against Coptic Christians, one of the oldest Christian communities in the region, has been occuring despite Egypt’s president’s promises of helping Christians in the region.

Copts in Egypt have explained their plight, saying that they are not persecuted on the level of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but often face isolation in Egypt.

Mina Thabet, a Coptic activist and researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, said to Fox News: “We are the weaker element in society, so if anything happens, we will be the first victims. You are a target for extremists when no one is supporting you.”

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