'You Are A Target': Muslim Extremists Terrorize Egypt's Coptic Christians | Persecution

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‘You Are A Target’: Muslim Extremists Terrorize Egypt’s Coptic Christians

ICC Note: Christians across Egypt remain the target of intense persecution from extremists who regularly assault the minority that comprises about 10 percent of the population. Many of the attacks go on with police arriving or taking action only after the damage has been done and often the victims will be detained for “inciting violence,” adding insult to injury.

05/05/2015 Egypt (Fox News) Christians in Egypt are facing a new wave of persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists, and human rights groups fear the situation could be on the brink of exploding.

While the attacks on Egypt’s Christian community are not on the scale of persecution faced by their brethren in Syria and Iraq, the Coptics – mostly descendants of the people whose Pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt before the 7th century – say they face renewed isolation in the country.

“We are the weaker element in society, so if anything happens, we will be the first victims,” Mina Thabet, a Coptic activist and researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, told FoxNews.com from Cairo.

“You are a target for extremists when no one is supporting you,” he added in a reference to the “often-sluggish” protection the Christian community says it gets from the police.

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