Hindu Radicals Demand Closing of Christian Schools in India | Persecution

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Hindu Radicals Demand Closing of Christian Schools in India

ICC Note: Last month, Hindu radicals in India’s Jharkhand state demanded to closing of two Christians schools because the schools did not have statues of Hindu gods and did not hang a photo of the current prime minister. Many Christian institutions across India have come under attack by Hindu radicals including many churches in both New Delhi and Agra. India was recently labeled a “Tier 2” violator of religious freedom by a U.S. report, will India’s Christians continue to suffer escalating persecution?   5/5/2015 India (Worthy News) – Last month, a mob of more than 60 Hindu nationalists attacked two Christian schools in the city of Hazaribagh in India’s Jharkhand State. According to Barnabas Aid, the mob — mostly members of the ruling Hindu nationalist party — demanded to know why these schools did not have a statue of the Hindu god of learning, or a picture of Indian PM Narendra Modi. “For centuries, the Christian educational institutions have served nation building and are the most sought after for their quality education as well as character building and inculcating of value systems for holistic development,” said Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians. … [Full Story]

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