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ICC Note: In a recent interview, a Coptic bishop has pointed out that the Egyptian government and state security are often complicit in the attacks on Christians and fail to act to prevent or bring justice for those who are persecuted.

05/05/2015 Egypt (Christian Today) An Egyptian Coptic bishop has said that local authorities are behind the persecution and harrassment of Christians in his diocese of Minya, the home province of the 21 Christians murdered by Islamic State in Libya.

In an interview for Arabic satellite TV station AlKarma TV by Dr Mona Roman, reported by Coptic Solidarity, Bishop Agathon instanced a meeting between Copts and government officials about the possibility of building a church, during which one of the officials contacted the Muslim leaders of the village instructing them to send people to protest against the plans.

He also said that state security forces were complicit in attacks on Christians. There are currently 21 Christian boys and girls from Minya alone who have been abducted, the youngest of whom had just started elementary school. Bishop Agathon said that whenever these attacks occur, Copts prepare documents, including photos and other verification, pointing to the culprits. These then are placed into the hands of top officials to ensure they are not “lost” or “misplaced” by underlings. The bishop said he had put documentation into the hands of the Director of Intelligence himself. “Absolutely nothing was done,” he said.

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