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Mother of Newborn Narrates Ordeal In The Hands Of Militants

ICC Note: Boko Haram captive Lami Musa reveals terrifying details about the treatment women have received while held hostage by the militant Islamic terror group. Musa escaped marriage to one of the Boko Haram fighters because of she was one of the number of women the Nigerian military rescued last week from the Sambisa Forest. Musa gave birth five days ago.

5/4/15 Yola, Nigeria (24/7 Inquirer) – The survivors of months in the hands of Boko Haram have told their tragic stories, including how women were stoned to death.

One of the rescued hostages, Lami Musa narrated her ordeal on Sunday, her first day out of the war zone.

Lami was among 275 traumatized girls, women and their young children, who were getting medical care and being registered a day after making it to safety. She spoke of how last week’s rescue saved her from a forced marriage to one of the killers of her husband.

The 27-year-old spoke about the militants who carried her away from her village after slaughtering her husband and forcing her to abandon their three young children, whose fates remain unknown. That was five months ago in Lassa village.

“They took me so I can marry one of their commanders,” Lami said.

“When they realized I was pregnant, they said I was impregnated by an infidel, and we have killed him. Once you deliver, within a week we will marry you to our commander,” she said.

Another survivor, Binta Ibrahim, was 16 years old and accompanying her sister-in-law to the dressmaker when Boko Haram insurgents rode into their village of Izghe, firing randomly at civilians, killing at least 109 people on that day in February 2014.

Binta, her sister-in-law and two of Ibrahim’s sisters were among scores of young women abducted.

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