A Family Reunited Again | Persecution

Bandaging and building the persecuted Church since 1995

A Family Reunited Again

On a trip to Pakistan in 2013, ICC was able to meet with Shahbaz, a Christian that had been accused of blasphemy. At that time, Shahbaz was living in hiding due to the accusation made against him. Forced to live separated from his family for security’s sake, Shahbaz often missed out on important family affairs, including his sister’s funeral. In 2013, ICC helped relocate Shahbaz and his family so that they could live together in peace and security. As a part of the relocation process, ICC helped Shahbaz start a firewood business to help support the family financially.

While recently traveling in Pakistan, ICC’s staff was able to catch up with Shahbaz and his family to see how they were doing. “Things are going very well,” Shahbaz told ICC. “It was difficult for me to learn to run the business at first, but now it has gotten much easier. Before, my children had to go to sleep sometimes without anything to eat, now they always have full stomachs and are attending school!” Please pray for Shahbaz’s continued success and for ICC as we continue to try to meet the needs of Christians in Pakistan who have been affected by the blasphemy laws.

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