71 Get Life Sentences For Torching Christian Church In Egypt

ICC Note: In August 2013, Egypt witnessed the most intense attack on Christians in recent history. Earlier this week a court sentenced 71 people to life in prison for their role in an attack on one of dozens of churches that were torched in the attacks.

04/29/2015 Egypt (CNN) An Egyptian court has sentenced 71 people to life in prison for their role in the August 2013 burning of a Christian church in the Giza province village of Kafr Hakim, state news reports.

The Virgin Mary Church was torched and looted by a mob, some of whom chanted against Coptic Christians and called for Egypt to become an “Islamic state,” one of at least 42 churches and many more businesses and homes targeted that August, the advocacy group Human Rights Watch reports. Others attacked included St. George Church in Sohag, a city south of Cairo on the Nile River, and Prince Tadros Church in Fayoum, which is southwest of Cairo, according to reports.

In addition to those getting life sentences, two minors were sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 10,000 Egyptian pounds (about $1,300), Egypt’s official Egynews reported.

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