Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC and our partners in Iraq were able to make a special delivery for one young family who was forced to leave her home because of ISIS and flee to Iraqi Kurdistan. When she arrived she came as most did, with no provisions, no excess clothing or medicine. However this young lady arrived carrying something that most of the others did not carry, a baby due to be delivered in just a few weeks.

When our team arrived she was within a couple of weeks of giving birth and had no idea how should could pay the several hundred dollars needed to receive proper medical care for the delivery. We were able to set aside some of the assistance funds to be ready to meet this need. The day arrived and the mother was able to get to the proper medical facility where a beautiful child was born, away from home, but safe and healthy. The young mother was deeply grateful for the assistance that was afforded her in this terrific time of challenge due to the ongoing crisis in Northern Iraq.
Thank you for helping us to care for hundreds of people in need with food, blankets, mattresses – and for helping us to care for one very special new life.