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ICC Note: In a recent interview, a 55-year-old refugee named Abdel Fatah described the horror his time spent under the control of radical Islamist group ISIS. Fatah was one of approximately 2,500 who were forced to flee a Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria after it was seized by the terror group. Fatah’s account reported the violence committed against refugees in the camp as well as the inhumane ways in which the militants treated the bodies of those that were killed.

By Samuel Smith

04/10/2015 Syria (The Christian Post) – As the Islamic State has seized most of the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria and trapped about 18,000 civilians, those who were lucky enough to escape have told of the ISIS atrocities they witnessed and one even described the barbaric nature in which militants used a person’s decapitated head.

As ISIS militants descended on the Yarmouk refugee camp in the nation’s capital city of Damascus last Wednesday, thousands of civilians were trapped between the brutal extremist group and the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s with little to no food, water or medicine.

Although the death and casualty toll among Palestinian civilians at the camp is not certain, an official from the Palestinian Liberation Organization said earlier this week that at least 27 Palestinian camp residents have been killed since ISIS entered the camp, while an estimated 75 to 200 Palestinians have been abducted by ISIS during that time.

“Accurate information on casualties is difficult to obtain due to the tragic conditions inside the camp,” Ahmed Majdalani, an official for the PLO, told Palestine’s official radio station.

One 55-year-old refugee named Abdel Fatah, who is one of about 2,500 people who have fled the camp due to ISIS’ takeover, described the appalling nature of ISIS’ brutality in an interview with AFP earlier this week.

“I saw severed heads. They killed children in front of their parents. We were terrorised,” Fatah explained. “We had heard of the cruelty from the television but when we saw it ourselves … I can tell you, their reputation is well-deserved.”

A 16-year-old refugee named Amjad Yaaqub, who spoke to AFP as his lip and eye were swollen from a beating he suffered at the hands ISIS militants, said not only is ISIS beheading people, but he also saw militants kicking around decapitated heads.

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