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ICC Note: Militant Islamist terror group al-Shabaab leaves no doubt that they are waging war against Christians in Kenya, according to their own statements. Last week’s gruesome attack on Garissa University College killed 148 people, most of whom were Christians. Al-Shabaab fighters moved from door to door inside dormitories separating Christians from Muslims, releasing the Muslims and murdering Christians.

By Gregory Tomlin

4/8/2015 Nairobi, Kenya (Christian Examiner) – During the past three years, more than 400 Kenyans have died at the hands of Al-Shabaab terrorists – most of them Christian. But in the United States the attack has been described by the Obama Administration largely as a criminal act and not as an effort within the larger framework of Islamic jihad in the horn of Africa.

Now, Islamic militants from the Sunni Al-Shabaab terrorist group have released a lengthy statement about how the group carried out its attack on Garissa University in eastern Kenya April 2 stating specifically “the attack targeted only non-Muslims,” adding that “all Muslims were allowed to safely evacuate,” including Shias, before “executing of the disbelievers.”

“The Muslim blood is inviolable whereas the blood of a Kafir (disbeliever) has no protection except by Eeman (belief) or Aman (covenant of security),” the statement reads.

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