Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Despite the constant threat of attack, Coptic Christians throughout Egypt celebrated Easter this past weekend. Helping to ease their pain is a woman named “Mama” Maggie Gobran, commonly referred to as “the Mother Teresa of Cairo.” Gobran has helped underprivileged children and those suffering from persecution over the last twenty years. Mama Maggie reported that seven of the 21 Coptic Christian who were beheaded by ISIS came from her schools and she knew five of them by name. Follow the link at end of the article to watch an interview of her incredible testimony.

04/05/2015 Egypt (Fox News Insider) – For millions of Coptic Christians, today is Palm Sunday. They celebrate Easter next Sunday, in accordance with the Eastern Orthodox calendar.

Many of them are holding church services today, despite the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

Helping them through their struggles is “Mama” Maggie Gobran, who’s known as “the Mother Teresa of Cairo.” She’s a Coptic Christian who, though she has never taken formal vows, has helped the children in Egypt’s slums through her organization, Stephen’s Children.

Mama Maggie has served and educated some 30,000 low-income families in overwhelmingly Muslim Egypt over the past two decades.

Lauren Green reported on “America’s News Headquarters” that Mama Maggie has given Coptic Christians hope for the future, despite their current suffering and even though they often live as second-class citizens in Egypt.

Green revealed that seven of the 21 Christian men who were horrifyingly beheaded by ISIS came out of Mama Maggie’s schools. Five of them, she knew by name.

“I touch them, I eat with them, I pray with them, I play with them. We cry together, we study together,” Mama Maggie said. “Yes, they are my boys.”

Watch more in the “America’s News Headquarters” video above and see Green’s full interview with Mama Maggie in the clip from’s “Spirited Debate” below.

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