Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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The Islamist shouted out the simple but devastating ultimatum that Pastor Orji knew would be his death sentence: “If you deny Jesus, you will be set free and live. If you refuse to deny Him, we’re going to torture you and then kill you. “

Pastor Orji of Nigeria was offered that choice. He was a husband and father of three small kids with his wife expecting a fourth. Sadly, he would never see them again. Pastor Orji and his friend went into town to visit a church member. After stopping by the member’s house, they were met by two enraged men carrying knives. The Islamists took the men to the Boko Haram camp where they were bound and forced to lie on the ground. Pastor Orji whispered to his friend, “If you survive, tell my brothers that I died well and living with Christ. And if we all die, we know that we died for the Lord.”

Pastor Orji encouraged and ministered to the other believers who were captured by singing and praying to Jesus. Orji continued to pray and sing praises to God. When again offered the choice to be free if he would only turn away from Christ, he once again refused to deny Christ. A member of Boko Haram raised his machete brought it down on the back of Orji’s neck .Orji’s body fell to the ground and his spirit rose. Photo for illustrative purposes. -Excerpt from “Last Words of the Martyrs” Written by ICC President Jeff King