Rape of Elderly Nun in India Premeditated, Police Report Indicates

ICC Note: Despite the media portrayal of the incident, a police report has indicated that the rape of an elderly nun on March 14, 2015 was premeditated rather than an afterthought to the robbery that took place. The attack in West Bengal took place after seven or eight armed men stormed the Convent of Jesus and Mary at approximately 2:30 in the morning. The National Commission for Women has since drawn attention to the fact that while the attackers have been seen on camera, still no arrests have been made.

03/22/2015 India (Morning Star News) – The rape of an elderly nun in West Bengal was a planned part of an attack on a Christian institution and not merely an after-thought in a robbery as portrayed in mainstream media, Christian leaders say.

A police report submitted to the state government said the suspects in the incident on March 14 at the Convent of Jesus and Mary at Ranaghat, Nadia District, were “not locals,” and that the attack was a well-planned targeting of the convent school and nuns.

Seven or eight gunmen stormed the convent compound at about 2:30 a.m. after overpowering a security guard, according to a police complaint filed by the school. After pointing a pistol at the guard’s head, the suspects tied him up and forced their way into the main building.

Earlier the attackers had disconnected two of the three telephone lines of the convent. They also tried to destroy a Closed Circuit TV camera near the gate but failed; four of the 12 CCTV cameras were functioning, recording the faces of four of the attackers.

The assailants proceeded to loot US$19,255 from the school. After they had taken the cash, the gang moved to the first floor, where the nuns working in the school reside, and forced a guard to call the sisters. As soon as a nun opened the door, they stormed in and demanded the senior-most sister; as the principal and other sisters pointed to the oldest nun, the assailants took her to another room and raped her, according to an investigating official.

The assault on her went on for more than an hour. The attackers also reportedly tied up three of the five nuns in the house before entering the principal’s room and ransacking it.

They then proceeded to the chapel and desecrated the Communion Host, throwing the wafers on the floor.

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