Mother of Egyptian Christian Beheaded by ISIS, Martyr Milad Makeen Zaky, Expresses No Regrets about Their Faith

ICC Note: The families of those who were killed in Libya by ISIS terrorists continue to grieve, but they also are encouraged by the boldness their loved ones showed. “We thank God that he kept the faith,” the mother of Milad said.

03/18/2015 Egypt (Gospel Herald) The mother of Egyptian Christian Milad Makeen Zaky expressed no regrets about their faith. Her son was one of the 21 Egyptians beheaded by the terror group known as ISIS on a beach in Libya.

In a video posted by International Christian Concern on Facebook Tuesday, Zaky’s mother was grateful that her son stayed true to the faith until ISIS executed him on the beach. The overall video, which had English subtitles, lasted under 30 seconds.

“I thank God that my son kept the faith and died for the cross because he was the son of Christ from his birth, not my son,” she said. “From his childhood, he was going to Sunday school, reading the holy Bible, attending the prayer meetings in the church continuously.”

Zaky’s mother added that her son had to leave their home in Egypt to find work abroad. He ended up working in Libya.

“He had to leave us and travel abroad to seek a living because he couldn’t find good work here,” she said. “But we thank God that he kept the faith.”

It’s safe to say that many Egyptian Christians like Zaky’s mother still maintain their faith and remain unbroken in the midst of the instability caused by ISIS. However, other Egyptians have decided to take down the terror group by resorting to punchlines and parody, according to Leila Fadel of NPR.

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