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ICC Note: A wedding videographer, Courtney Schmackers, from Ohio may face a lawsuit after declining to film a same-sex wedding ceremony in February of 2015 due to her religious beliefs. The couple filed a complaint with Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce in addition to drawing public attention to the situation through social media. Though the state of Ohio does not allow same-sex marriage, the Bexley Chamber of Commerce released a statement condemning the videographer’s action and have decided to change their policy to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

By Samuel Smith

03/18/2015 United States (The Christian Post) – A wedding videographer in Ohio could face legal action after she declined to shoot a lesbian couples’ wedding ceremony because it would have conflicted with her biblical understanding that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

When Jenn Moffitt and her partner Jerra Kincely were searching in February for a videographer to film their wedding, they sent an email inquiry to a local video production company called Next Door Stories in Bexley, Ohio, a town in the Columbus suburbs.

CNN reports that the couple got an email back from the company’s owner, Courtney Schmackers, on Feb. 4 politely informing them that she doesn’t offer her services for same-sex weddings.

“Hello, Thank you for reaching out about wedding videography. How did you hear about Next Door Stories?” Schmackers’ email asked. “Unfortunately at this time I do not offer services for same-sex weddings, but thank you for your inquiry!”

In an interview with CNN that was published Monday, Moffitt said that she was stunned by Schmackers’ response to her request.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Moffitt explained. “It is a small business, and I thought this was a tight-knit community. We wanted to support local commerce and to get that kind of response was astounding.”

Moffitt and Kincely have filed a complaint against Next Door Stories with the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce. The couple has also taken to Facebook to explain the conflict, which has stirred outrage among gay rights advocates, which has shined a negative light on Schmackers’ business.

Although Schmackers’ refused to provide a comment to CNN on why she refused to provide her services to the lesbian couple, The Daily Mail reports that Schmackers took to Facebook to explain her decision.

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