Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC supports the ministry of a number of pastors in Iran who are faithfully sharing the stories of Scripture and who God really is with many in that country. Much to the dismay of the Islamic leaders, thousands of Iranians are turning to faith in Christ because they want to know that “God is more than a religion.” Here is the story of one of those who has come to faith in Jesus:

“Hello. I am Farshid. I’m 27 years old. Since I was a teenager I asked a lot of questions about god from my parents but there was no answer for me. So I asked my teachers at school but their answers were not acceptable for me too. I had such a personality that at university I wanted to know everything and I was very curious and full of energy. At university I met a girl like me and we got engaged. Both of us were curious and both wanted to know everything about god. We loved god and he was more than a religion for us.Once Samere (the girl I was engaged to) told she met a lady at train station who had different attitude toward god and she has said something different about god. They appointed a meeting to talk about stories about god. We started reading the stories and we are reading them for months and we are obeying what we learn eagerly. We experienced different kinds of feeling because of our marriage and a night before our wedding we quarreled and we wanted to finish everything but the couple who are our friends and bring us the stories helped us and with god’s grace we could pass that crisis.  A month ago we read a story in which Jesus had authority to forgive sins and he told the man who came to Jesus from roof of the house for healing your sins are forgiven and then healed him.”