It Seemed They Lost ‘Everything’

“We have no hope, we feel like every¬thing is lost,” Gabriel said, his eyes cast at the floor as we sat together, shaded from the hot sun in the vehicle we’d rented to come see him and others who had lost loved ones in the attack. It was November 2012 when Gabriel’s 22-year-old son was sitting outside when a dud grenade mistook for a large stone thrown at the church exploded, killing Gabriel’s son and his friend. In an instant, Gabriel and his wife lost “everything,” but with your generous support, ICC was able to give some of what they lost back. In January, ICC bought Gabriel a water pump and piping to be able to irrigate his land so that he can now support himself and his wife after losing his son who, while alive, cared and provided for them. For more stories of hope for the persecuted, sign up for our monthly newsletters:

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