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ICC Note:

Christian journalists in Pakistan’s Balochistan state have come under threat after a threatening letter was sent to the Quetta Press Club by an extremist group. The letter claimed that Christian journalists should no longer be allowed because they are involved in “un-Islamic” activities. There are only a few Christian journalists in Balochistan, but these individuals now feel under threat.  

3/3/2015 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) – Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti, President of the Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC), has expressed concerns on safety and security of Christian journalists in Balochistan after a threatening letter was sent to the Quetta Press Club by a Muslim extremist organization according to a press note issued by the Central Secretariat of Pakistan Christian Congress today.

A letter was sent to Quetta Press Club by a terror outfit named Fidayan-e-Islam claiming that the entry of Christian members of the club would be banned because they are involved in anti-Islam activities. There were four Christian journalists individually pointed out in this threatening letter who work as cameramen for some national news media outlets in Pakistan.

One Christian photo journalist talking with Pakistan Christian Post said that he not feel safe in Pakistan after this threat but has no place to hide.

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