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ICC Note: Iran’s supreme leader has just made the claim that in Iran and the history of its Islamic regime there is no history of offense towards non-Muslims. The supreme leader has apparently decided to overlook the actions of his intelligence service as in the same week at least three more Christians and 18 Baha’i (another non-Muslim group) were detained for their religious beliefs. Dozens of Christians are currently imprisoned with their only crime being to meet with others who share their faith. Iran has one of the most oppressive regimes in the world towards Christian converts  from Islam or who are Persian speaking.

02/20/2015 Iran (VOCIR) There is an article in “Arman Emrooz” newspaper with the title of “There is no history of offense to non-Muslims” which stated a remarkable point of completely false statement from leader of the Islamic Republic.

According to VOCIR, 37 years have passed from Islamic Republic age, and they still insisting on lies and hypocrisy. Mr. Khamenei has claimed that there is no history of offense to non-Muslims among representatives of religious minorities in Parliament.

It worth mentioning that Islamic Republic reached the seventh rank in violating rights of Christians in 2014 and has been persecuting Christian converts and sentenced them to long imprisonment because of their beliefs and charged them to acting against national security, propaganda against the system and connections to foreign Christian networks. By burning Christian’s holy book, Islamic Republic has been insulting not only Iranian Christians but all the Christians in the world.

Now how the supreme leader claims that in Islamic Republic there is no offense to non-Muslims?

Let’s remember only 8 days after Islamic Republic emergence, Arastou Sayah was killed in Shiraz, Bahram Dehghani Tafti son of priest Hossein Dehghani was kidnapped and his father was shot and killed near Tehran. Terror of priest Haik Houspian, priest Mehdi Dibaj, priest Tatavous Mikaeelian, executing priest hossein Soudmand, imprisoning so many Christians like priest Behnam Irani, priest Saeed Abedini, priest Farshid Fathi, Maryam Naghsh Zargaran (Nasim), Ebrahim Firouzi, and hundreds other Christians all are in the resume of Islamic Republic.

Islamic Republic tends to remove the issue by deception and hypocrisy and this is a new game to display an innocent image of the leader. In July 2012 a report was published by VOA about being a Christian in Iran is a political/security crime which shows the offense of Islamic Republic of Iran to non-Muslims.

Do Baha’Is have civil rights in Iran? Baha’Is are also offended like other non-Muslims in Iran. Their properties are confiscated by the Islamic regime of Iran, they are deprived of education, and sometimes they are not allowed to bury their dead.

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