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Christians in Pakistan are often faced with impossible choices. Recently, seven Christian families in Pakistan were told they either had to convert to Islam or have their homes destroyed. These families stood firm in their faith and as a consequence had their homes bulldozed. Efforts are already underway to assist these Christians, but what about the next group faced with a similar choice? Will Pakistan ever stop persecuting Christians? 

2/13/2015 Pakistan (Christian Today) – Seven Christian families living in Kasur, Pakistan have been left homeless after several Muslims bulldozed their homes.

The Muslim men, identified as Shahid Khan, Jaffar Ali, Zafar Iqbal and Munir Bhatti made the Christian families leave their homes by showing them forged documents, allegedly created with the help of the Local Patwari, or the appointed village accountant, according to the British Pakistani Christians Association (BPCA). The Muslim men also threatened to kill them or implicate them in local crimes.

Those who lost their homes were named by the BPCA as Rafique Masih, Shangara Masih, Farzana Bibi, Iruma Bibi Bagh Masih, William Masih, Samar Masih, and Gama Bibi.

The Christian families were forced to watch and do nothing as the land-grabbers threw away their belongings to the streets. They gave the Christian families the impossible choice of returning to their homes only if they renounce their faith and convert to Islam.

The BPCA expressed concern that the families are in danger, especially during the harsh winter season. “They are living out in the open desperately need good accommodation. Christian neighbors are living in terror as they have received similar hate messages and threats and fear that they will be the next victims,” it said.

“Inevitably Christians faced with the consequences of torture, rape of their wives and daughters, potential death or murder of a loved one, give up their property trusting God for their survival. The ease within which property and land is usurped from Christians in Pakistan, is a poor indictment of the Governance in the country,” said Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the BPCA.

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