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More students tricked into Islamisation in Malaysia

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Students in Malaysia often stay at hostels when they go away school and more instances of Christian students being forcibly converted, or tricked into converting, to Islam have continued to surface. “Sometimes they get them to join in the prayers and then they recite some declaration unknowingly and are unwittingly converted without their knowledge. The students are often at a loss but nothing can be done,” said the teacher.


by Angie Chui

2/10/2015 Malaysia (Christian Post)-More incidences of students being converted to Islamization are surfacing in Malaysia and a PKR lawmaker wants to hold the schools accountable.

In a report by Malay Mail Online, MP Darell Leiking is calling out the schools for allowing these forced conversions to happen in hostels where the students are staying.

“The school must look after the interest of their students first, and keep the sanctity of the family unit intact. After all, they are the official guardians during school hours,” said Leiking.

Leiking cited the case of a 16-year-old daughter of a rubber trapper who reported that his Christian daughter was converted into Islam without his knowledge of consent.

Upon seeing his daughter in a tudung, an Islamic veil, the father was unable to hold back his tears.

 “There should not be any enticement to convert to another religion in schools, which is an institution for learning. If there should be any doubts or possibility of a conversion, the parents must be notified first.The hostel cannot abuse this trust,” Leiking said, adding that the students stay in the hostels, mainly to address the issue of long commutes from their original homes.

Last week, parents of a Christian student allegedly “tricked” into converting to Islam have asked authorities to launch an investigation against the school hostel’s warden.

“We received a police report and are investigating the case. We spoke to the school authorities and will be referring to the state religious authorities for assistance,” state crime investigations department chief Datuk Salehhudin Abdul Rahman said.

Initial information revealed that a teacher from Kuala Lumpur was the one who converted the student.

The hostel warden was reportedly asked by the parents to void the boy’s conversion to Islam but he refused, saying that the boy had already recited the shahada, making his conversion legitimate despite being a minor.

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