Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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Alemayehu was a Bible school student when he was arrested and imprisoned in Ethiopia for trying to photocopy an article that explored Islam from a Christian perspective. That was two years ago. Today, with the generous support and engagement of ICC’s followers, Alemayehu is a free man! Speaking with ICC’s Representative in Ethiopia, Alemayehu’s spiritual mentor said, “Without ICC’s calls to Ethiopian officials and the unabated hard work of ICC’s lawyer, Alemayehu would not be free. Had ICC not given so much attention to this case, Alemayehu would not only still be behind bars, but the church’s work would be hindered too. We are so very happy to see Alemayehu finally set free because now we are free too!” As for Alemayehu and his family, thay are just thankful that ICC’ exists to “support people like [him].” Photo: Alemayehu with local Church leaders