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ICC Note:

In November of last year, Somalia-based radical Islamic insurgency al-Shabaab perpetrated yet another brutal massacre against non-Muslims in Kenya. After commandeering a bus near the East African country’s northern border with Somalia, a band of al-Shabaab terrorists forced the vehicle’s non-Muslim passengers onto the road where they then summarily executed more than 50 civilians, 28 of whom were later identified as professed Christians.

02/01/2015 Kenya (Christian Science Monitor) – The threat of Al Shabab lingers in empty classrooms here, abandoned by teachers who fear they’re the next target.

In November, the Somalia-based militant group attacked a bus in neighboring Mandera County, killing all 28 Christian passengers on board. Most of them were government employees who lived in the predominantly Somali-Muslim county in Kenya’s northeast.

In sparing the Muslim passengers, Al Shabab sent a clear message: We don’t want Christians here.

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