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ICC Note:

According to a missionary based in the capital of Niamey, the Muslim riots that destroyed as many as 70 churches and dozens more Christian homes and businesses last month were planned and instigated by Nigeria-based radical Islamic insurgency, Boko Haram.

02/01/2015 Niger (Catholic News Agency) – Boko Haram is determined to take its jihadist campaign beyond Nigeria. Its next targets include Niger, where, as reported in an email message from a woman religious working as a missionary in the country, the group has proclaimed that “Christians must die.”

Currently in hiding along with her fellow missionaries in private homes in Niger’s capital of Niamey, the sister wrote to international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

Last week’s violent protests in both Niamey and the town of Zinder against the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo—killing 10 and wounding 173 people—“were planned,” she wrote, instigated by the Nigerian terrorist organization.

“At Christmas time, Boko Haram had threatened to burn down all the churches in Niger and burn us alive! But for some reason it did not happen; no one knows quite why. It was by coincidence that the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo set the world on fire. ‘The Christians must die; that way we will be able to go to paradise,’ say the disciples of Boko Haram. It’s diabolical. But we are not going to let ourselves be moved by fear. Love is stronger than hatred,” wrote the missionary, whose name is withheld for her protection.

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