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The weekend of January 16, Muslims riots directed against the latest depiction of the prophet Mohammed by French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo ransacked and burned as many as 70 churches and dozens more Christians homes and businesses. Neil and Danette Childs witnessed the destruction of the Christian community of Niger, a 97% Muslim West African nation, first hand.

01/31/2015 Niger (Fox News) – Neal and Danette Childs knew they were in danger.

From their compound in Niger’s capital city they could see three churches burning. The smoke was filling their home.

“We immediately started packing a trunk, putting in our valuables, our documents, and we loaded up the car,” Neal told me. “There were concerns our family would be targeted.”

The Childs family had every reason to be alarmed. A rampaging mob was attacking Christian houses of worship, and Neal was the prominent leader of a Christian ministry in the mostly Muslim country.

“Our immediate response — there is that little bit of panic,” he said during a telephone conversation from the West African nation of Niger. “We were ready. We were on guard.”

It was Jan. 16 and by the week’s end Muslims had set fire to at least 45 churches and looted the homes of a number of Christian ministers. Ten people were killed. Followers of Christ fled for the lives.

The protests were over the cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammad that were published by the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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