Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Since 2011, 1,000 churches have been destroyed, thousands more Christian homes and businesses decimated, and still thousands more Christians killed, many at the hands of radical Islamic insurgency, Boko Haram. And yet, despite living in of the top ten most hostile countries in the world towards Christians, Nigeria’s faithful continue to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ to their lost brothers and sisters.

01/29/2015 Nigeria (Baptist Press) – As Boko Haram militants continue to attack Nigeria and threaten neighboring countries, Christian workers there say the Gospel is going forth and impacting receptive hearts.
Greg Dorsey*, a Christian worker in West Africa, said Nigerian Christians are effectively engaging many areas of the country.

“The northeastern corner of Nigeria where Boko Haram has wielded most of its activities remains a difficult area for believers to freely worship and share their faith,” Dorsey said. “However, God has raised up believers who have remained steadfast and bold in the midst of applied pressures to silence them.”

Another Christian worker told of hearing the testimonies of believers from troubled areas of northern Nigeria at a recent meeting. “Each one that shared was brought to the Lord by a brother or other close relative. Earlier this year, some of these same men were imprisoned. While we prayed for their release, they were sharing their faith and welcoming new brothers into the Christ-life.”

One man exhibited amazing joy in Christ even as he showed scars from his imprisonment and torture. The day after the man shared his story, he received a phone call that his house had been burned and his family scattered.

In what is described as Boko Haram’s deadliest attack to date, hundreds of gunmen invaded the town of Baga and 16 surrounding villages in Borno state on Jan. 3 and continued to slaughter residents and burn homes throughout the following week, killing an estimated 2,000 people.

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