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Dear Sponsor

ICC supports 70+ kids in need in Upper Egypt who face persecution as a minority. Our investment helps them to go to school, have a mentor who invests in their lives, and helps provide food, clothing, and meet urgent needs for their family. Nancy is one of the kids ICC supports in Upper Egypt. Here is a letter she just sent to us:

Dear ICC,

How are you? I hope you’re well. I’m happy because I feel like you really love me. You sent me nice clothes and when I was sick you sent me medicine with the village staff member. Thank you for your care, for asking about me, and for the food. I’m a bit sad of my friends at school because they beat me and made me sit at the back in class. Pray for God to heal me. I wonder, do you serve people at Sunday school at your church? I pray for you. God Bless You!


Join ICC in caring for kids like Nancy through our Kids Care ministry.