Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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When an angry parent riled up parents at the school saying, “Betty is a Christian! She has a Bible!” Betty was concerned. Soon, she was summoned before the town council and entered to a room full of people yelling for her to be fired. The head councilman knew she was an excellent teacher, in fact she was a beloved art teacher, however, he was afraid to stand up against the crowds. Betty was fired for being Christian and owning a Bible. She went home filled with peace, knowing that God would take care of her no matter what. Un-hireable because she was a Christian, and with her husband dead, Betty had no way to take care of her family. She struggled for some timed and endured continuing persecution from her neighbors until Representatives from ICC reached out to her to hear her story. Once we saw her need, ICC purchased 10 lambs, which gives Betty a small business from her home! She is now self-sustainable and she knows she is not alone!