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Across Africa, radical Islamic insurgencies are waging a war against Christians. From Nigeria to the Central African Republic, to Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania, armed Islamic militants killed thousands of Christians in 2014, marking of the worst years of Christian persecution in decades. Wednesday, Open Doors’ World Watch List predicted even worse conditions for Africa’s Christians in 2015. 

01/08/2015 Africa (WND) – On Wednesday, Open Doors USA, one of the leading organizations serving the persecuted Christian church released the 24th World Watch List, which lists the 50 nations most fiercely persecuting Christians.

“The 2015 Watch List documents the most dramatic increase in violence and persecution of Christians in the modern era. So it’s really dramatic,” said Open Doors President and CEO Dr. David Curry.

Curry unveiled the World Watch List in Washington, but he is very concerned that leaders in the U.S. and elsewhere in the Western world fail to grasp the significance of this dramatic rise in the targeting of Christians and what it means for believers and nonbelievers down the road.

Several African nations witnessed the most dramatic increases in Christian persecution over the past year. Kenya soared from 43 to 19 on the list. Djibouti rose from 46 to 24. Nigeria is now in the top 10, and Sudan jumped from 11 to 6. Curry said the reasons are pretty simple.

“The Islamic extremists that have been residing within Africa are learning the lessons of the Islamic State. They’re taking the tactics, the strategies of the Islamic State, and seeing the success that they’ve had with this leadership vacuum in the Middle East from Western governments. Now they’re implementing it in Africa,” said Curry, who said America was reminded again that no part of the world is truly safe.

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